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Seaham Harbour Online

County Durham’s First Virtual Town - Established 1994

Web site designed & created by E.W.Mason ©  1994-2010

Seaham Harbour Online was established in 1994. It was the first “virtual town” in County Durham designed and published by Dr Eddie Mason through Dalton Internet.  

The original purpose of  the "Seaham Harbour Online" Web site was to promote the communities of Seaham Harbour and the neighbouring villages of Murton, Dalton-le Dale and Seaton. But it was much more than that. We intended that  the initiative would contribute towards developing, within the wider community of Seaham,

The continued existence of the site has been funded and resourced by Ed & Sadie Mason.

The current site (January 2011) contains a lot of new material but also much old material.  In the early days the browsers and servers in use did not allow the flexibility which they do today. The old pages reflect this but are in themselves of interest.  The Guestbook, for example, was introduced in 1997 and each years contributions are still on the site for you to read.

So we have decided to leave some of the older pages on the site, just as they were, (but with a few corrections).

However, we have removed some of the older material, placed other pages under new headings and added some new pages.  We have also, of necessity, made changes to the navigation around the site.

Please let us know of any obvious mistakes we have made.

We hope you like it and don’t mind the new appearance.

About this Site

About This Site