Seaham Harbour Online

County Durham’s First Virtual Town - Established 1994


Seaham Harbour Online

County Durham’s First Virtual Town - Established 1994

Seaham Harbour Online

County Durham’s First Virtual Town - Established 1994


Read comments and recollections of Seaham folk from around the world. Not a “normal” Guestbook. Contains all submissions since 1997.

About the original and current "Seaham Harbour OnLine" website Golden Oldie v Modern.

About This Site

The pages below  are old and were removed as the site was updated. However, we think that things have changed so much in Seaham over the 13 years since the site was established that they are interesting in themselves. Hence the Golden Oldies section.

These old but valued pages  may be found in a variety of places on the site . You will recognise them because we have marked them “Golden Oldies”.

A.Charles Thomas' Beach Homes  Seaham seafront .

Mail From the UK (1996)

Letters from the USA (1996)

Coastal Centre

Timeless articles

The Colourful Side of “Buried Treasure”

Durham Miners Gala (1998)

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There are some great features in the Harbour Chat Room . We are confident that these facilities will help build Seaham Harbour's on-line community. Home or abroad you will want to join in.

From here you can link to all parts of this web site and learn about our town, its industry & commerce, its  fascinating history,  its friendly people and the plans for its "re-birth".

Please visit our rather unusual GUESTBOOK  before you leave.

THE SITE IS STILL BEING UPDATED. Please use this Site Guide and the BACK button of your browser to help navigate.

This site also manages the web site of  Seaham Dawdon & Vane Tempest Banner Fund. You will find pages of mining heritage and pages about the work done by the Banner Fund in order to ensure that Seaham’s mining heritage is not forgotten.

There are pages setting out details of the mining heritage education projects which have been an important aspect of the work of the Banner Fund.

Seven Seaham Primary Schools participated in projects two important mining heritage projects led by SDVT Banner Fund which have received significant acclaim. You can follow the projects month by month as they progressed.


We manage the web site of “The Friends of Seaham’s War Memorials”.  The Town’s monuments need urgent attention. Why not become a “Friend”?

The new George Elmy Lifeboat Way and the Durham Coastal Footpath  are the talk of the north east.  We've put together a photo gallery.



Local organisations can publicise details of up and coming events or about notable acheivements. Get those items of news which don't appear in the local paper. Advertise your club event.